Awesome Cookie Salad Recipe: 06 Easy Preparation Steps

Cookie Salad Recipe Is A Salad Made From Cookie Crumbles That Is Typically Served At Picnics.

It Is Often Decorated With Whatever Fruit Or Vegetables Are Available, And Can Range From An Easy Dish To Make For A Quick Snack Up To A Sophisticated And Elegant Dessert When Prepared For Company.

All You Need Is To Start With Some Simple Ingredients Like Cookies, Cream Cheese, Strawberry Slices, And Almonds In Place Of Pecans Or Walnuts.

Benefits Of Cookie Salad Recipe

  • Tastes Great.
  • Simple To Make.
  • Easy To Customize With Whatever You Like.
  • Relatively Inexpensive.
  • Good For You, As It Is High In Protein, Good Fat And Low In Calories.
  • No Need To Refrigerate Before Serving.
  • No Need To Prepare Ahead Of Time.
  • Useful When Entertaining Or Out In The Garden.
  • Good For Travel
  • Easier To Make Than Most Desserts Such As Cake And Pie.
  • Goes Well With Wine Or Margarita Drinks.
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Cookie Salad Recipe

How To Make Cookie Salad Recipe?

Necessary Ingredients

  • 1 Cup Of Softened Cream Cheese.
  • 1 Cup Of Cookie Crumbs (At Least 10 Cookies).
  • 1 Cup Of Chopped Nuts.
  • ½ Cup Of Chopped Fruit, Berries, Or Banana.
  • 1 Teaspoon Of Vanilla Extract.
  • 1 Tablespoon Of Sugar.
  • 1 Cup Of Whipped Topping.

Optional Ingredients

  • 1 Cup Of Strawberries Or Raspberries.
  • ½ Cup Of Chopped Walnuts Or Pecans.
  • 1 Cup Of Chopped Pineapple.
  • 1 Banana, Sliced.

Preparation Instructions

Step 1.

Mix The Softened Cream Cheese And Cookie Crumbs In A Medium Bowl.

Step 2.

Stir In The Chopped Nuts, Banana, Sugar, And Vanilla Extract. Mix Until Well Combined.

Step 3.

Spread The Cookie Salad On A Serving Dish Or Plate. Chill For About 20 Minutes, Or Serve Immediately At Room Temperature.

Step 4.

Top With Whipped Topping And Optional Toppings.

Step 5.

Garnish With Optional Toppings Such As Strawberries, Raspberries, And Banana Slices.

Step 6.

Serve Immediately, Or Refrigerate For Up To One Week; to Store Longer Make-Ahead Desserts, You Need To Find A Way To Store Them Without Spoilage At Room Temperature Or In The Fridge.

Nutrition Facts Of Cookie Salad Recipe

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cookie Salad Recipe

1. High In Protein

Cookie Salad Recipe Contains 15.9 Grams Of Protein, Which Is Equivalent To The Amount Of Protein Present In 2-3 Large Eggs Or 1 Cup Of Soy Milk With 2 Tablespoons Of Low-Fat Milk Powder Added To It.

2. High In Folate And Vitamin K

1 Cup Of Cookie Salad Is Rich In Folate, Containing 97.8 Micrograms Of Folate Or 34% Of The Recommended Daily Value.

3. High In Potassium

One Cup Of Cookie Salad Contains 251 Milligrams Of Potassium, Which Is 7% Of The Recommended Daily Intake For Most Adults. It Also Contains Other Minerals Such As Magnesium And Calcium.

4. Low In Calories

Cookie Salad Recipe Is Low In Calories. A Cup Of Cookie Salad Contains Only 150 Calories.

It Is Equivalent To The Total Calories Present In 1/2 Cup Of Tofu Or An Egg, And Half A Slice Of Bread. The Cup Of Vanilla Ice Cream Has 400 Calories.

5. Low In Saturated Fat

Cookie Salad Recipe Contains 2 Grams Of Saturated Fat, Which Is Equivalent To The Total Amount Of Saturated Fat Present In 3 Tablespoons Of Peanut Butter Or 2 Tablespoons Of Mayonnaise.

6. High In Fiber

One Cup Of Cookie Salad Recipe Contains 1.1 Grams Of Fiber, Which Is Equivalent To The Amount Of Fiber Present In 8 Small Slices Of Whole Wheat Bread Or ½ Cup Of Cooked Brown Rice.

7. Low In Carbohydrates

One Cup Of Cookie Salad Contains 61 Grams Of Carbohydrates, Which Is Equivalent To 7% Of The Recommended Daily Intake For Most Adults.

The Bowl Contains 40 Grams, Which Amounts To 2% Of The Daily Recommended Intake For Most Adults.

8. Low In Cholesterol

Cookie Salad Recipe Contains Only 29 Milligrams Of Cholesterol Per Cup, Which Is Equivalent To Less Than Half A Small Egg.

9. Good For Skin And Hair

Cookie Salad Recipe Contains Vitamin A, Which Is Essential For Healthy Skin, Hair, And Nails. Vitamin A also helps prevent wrinkles, sun damage, and other signs of aging.

10. High In Iron

Cookie Salad Recipe Contains 10% Off The Recommended Daily Intake For Iron, Which Is Equivalent To The Amount Of Iron Present In 2 Cups Of Low-Sodium Vegetable Broth. It also contains minerals like copper, Magnesium, Phosphorus, And Zinc.

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Cookie Salad Recipe

How Long Will It Take To Prepare?

  • Prepare Time: 15 Minutes.
  • Cook Time: 0 Minutes.
  • Ready In: 15 Minutes.
  • Servings: 1 Serving.

Is Cookie Salad Recipe Safe For Diabetics, Heart, And Kidney Patients?  

Cookie Salad Recipe Is Safe For Diabetics, Heart, And Kidney Patients. It Is Low In Calories And Cholesterol.

Cookie Salad Recipe

Is Cookie Salad Recipe Gluten-Free?

Yes, Cookie Salad Recipe Is Gluten Free. It Does Not Contain Gluten, So People With Celiac Disease Can Eat It Without Any Issues.

 Is It Safe For Pregnant And Nursing Women?

Cookie Salad Recipe Is Safe For Pregnant And Nursing Women. It Is Low In Calories, Fat And Cholesterol.

Is Cookie Salad Recipe Good For Kids?

 Cookie Salad Recipe Is Good For Kids as Low In Calories, Fat And Cholesterol.

Can I Freeze And Store It?

Yes, You Can Freeze And Store It. It Can Be Stored In An Airtight Container In The Freezer For 4-6 Months. You Can Also Store It In A Refrigerator For Up To One Week Or Longer. You Do Not Have To Refrigerate It Before Serving.


A Salad Is A Dish Consisting Mainly Of Leafy Vegetables, But May Also Include Nuts, Legumes, and Fruit.

Garden Salads Use A Base Of Lettuce Or Similar Greens; Macaroni Salad And Coleslaw Are Dishes That May Feature Pasta Or Rice As Their Basis. Other Types Include Bean Salad, Tuna Salad, Fatuous (A Lebanese Salad), Greek Salad, Eggplant Salad, And Many More.

Salads May Be Served At Any Time Of The Day With A Variety Of Main Course Meals. I Hope You Will Enjoy It. Please Shear This Article With Your Friends.

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